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Work at home - Find the companies that often hire home workers as well as current work at home job listings, home business ideas, articles, and more. Employment search at Home dads and Moms, Data Entry, Proofreading, Freelance, resume, writing, author, writers, novel, scripts, plays, poem, busy mother's provide jobs, business opportunities and home business ideas for jobs from Home based business parents.

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Learn How To Make Money For Writing
Simple Greeting Cards From Home!

(Even If You Flunked High School English! Great for Moms and Dads too...)

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"Writing greeting cards on a free-lance basis is a creative way for writers to make excellent part-time money. In some cases, extremely talented and prolific writers can write greeting cards full time and make a comfortable living. Of course, the amount of success ... "
  • Learn "What it Takes" to make it BIG in the Greeting Card Industry!
  • Detailed instructions on how to get set up, start making serious money the first day!
  • Step-by-step instructions on the business aspects of clients, reports, records, profit charts, MORE!
  • No experience required - included SUPER-TIPS what NOT to do so you stay completely profitable!
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